The approach to realize the most important transaction of your life, to buying a house, a condominium or a other type of propriety, requires a good understanding of the real estate brokerage industry in Quebec, a good planning and a careful choice of broker professional. This is particularly important when it comes to its first transaction.

1. Don't succumb to temptation

Buying a property involves the rational and the emotional. Of course, we find the concepts of investment to built an interesting family patrimoiny. This ideas become of an evaluation of our famillial context (budget, job opportunities, family needs, etc.) and of an analysis of the benefits of buying or renting. This is what usually gives the kickoff to a purchase process of a home sweet home. This rational approach can easily disappear at the stage of research and especially at the time of visits. It's the time when the emotional side comes into play. You developp a crush for a property, his environment or his special facilities. We can easily make "drift" of our road and cause serious headaches later.

This is why it's so essential to establish a plan. First of all, you need to work with a professional real estate broker and you need to clarify your expectations,y our budget and your goals. With essential elements, your realtor can process in his research and avoid wasting your time and your energy. You can also count on his knowledge of the market in the areas where ou want to establish yourselves. Your broker has access to the largest inventory of homes to sale with the MLS system and a complementary resource bank.

2. How does it work?

The real estate broker structure's still offers at the buyer the possibility of using a real estate broker without having to pay. The realtor is only paid upon the conclusion of the transaction. His fees are paid by the seller of the property under the terms of the sale agreement who he signed with his own real estate broker.

Other important fact to remember ; a buyer is not obligated to use the listing real estate broker (or the one who signed the sales contract with the owner seller). The buyer has the freedom to choose the real estate broker with he's welling to work. The facts show that in 70% of transactions in Quebec, buyers have used a "collaborator" broker, a different broker from that buyer, to make the purchase of their property. This approach protects the buyer of any potential interest conflict, especially when it has not signed a specific contract with a broker.

Buyers of property in Quebec can enjoy many advantages to do business with a professional broker, first of all the additional protection against fraud, negligence or omission offer by OACIQ. There are not many industry who offers consumers professional services without having to pay fees *, while securing his approach!

Finally, once the purchaser has take the services of a realtor, the professionnal begin to supervise the whole process. He establishes a research plan, valid potentials properties according to selected criteria, coordinates visits, uses his knowledge of its network of experts to advise its clients, handles various administrative, legal and financial elements. He can also give you access to a mortgage that best suits your needs. His negotiating skills enable you to get the best price and conclude the transaction to your satisfaction.

3. Carefully choose your realtor

The Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) is in charge of the protection the public and it strongly recommends the use of a real estate broker. However, the task is not simple when it comes time to find the "best" real estate broker.
  • Talk to your friends, family, colleagues to get quality referrals.
  • The quality of the relationship with the broker. Are you comfortable ?
  • The presentation of the broker, how he explain its services and its techniques.
  • His negotiating skills.
  • His knowledge of the industry, its network of experts and its ability to help you obtain the necessary mortgage financing.
  • The roadmap, availability, etc.

As you can see, the choice of real estate broker is not based on marketing tools, but also on knowledges and socials skills.



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