Sell with a realtor or by yourself ?

You want to sell your property ? You are not sure between the option to sell it yourself or to work with a professional real estate broker ? In the current context, even if the resale market is balanced or not, that question deserve a reflection.
The "saving" issue with the broker's commission often weighs heavily in the balance when the time comes to make a decision to sell by himself. Furthermore, with available Web resources, selling your property by youself seem easy as child's play. Is this really the case ?
Do the exercise to set up advantages and disadvantages to selling your home by yourself! To clear your mind, evaluate the situation objectively with a listing of the advantages and disadvantages. Then, you can choose the best option, depending on your personality, your availability, and your skills.


Financial benefit by saving on the broker's commission. However, we must remember that you will still have to pay for some services from professionals who have to assist you in your work, insurance, evaluation, inspection, display, promotion ... These fees can represent a few thousand dollars.
Better knowledge of your property. You are the best person to praise your property. However, are you comfortable with the idea of welcoming strangers and have to "sell" this characteristics?
Control the whole process. You are in the driver's seat. It's up to you if you take the first proposal received or if you refuse and wait for a better offer. You can take the time you want to sell your property.
Choice and control visits. Again, it's up to you to the role of managing requests for visits, detect "nosy" genuine buyers, in short, qualify visitors for you to avoid unnecessary visits.


Selling price. One of the first tasks is to set a realistic selling price. You must protect your family financial wealth by not selling at a loss. However a too high price may move away potential buyers and affect a quicker sale. You will need an experts to help you to fix that sale price.
Availability and skills. Sell his property requires a significant investment of time and energy. This process requires skills than you can only develop over time or your experience. In any case, it requires to fully devote himself.
  • Not being able to benefit of the real estate broker network of resources, you have an obligation to find many technical and legal experts to help you avoid complications. Some of them may have significant financial implications. Prevention is better.
  • Have you specified the criteria to let strangers coming into your home and under what conditions (for example the presence of some children ou pet, etc.)? This is something you can easily forget and yet requires your full attention to avoid inconvenience.
Negotiations skills. You have mastered the art of negotiation? Good, because you will have to raise your level of skill to overcome and manage the emotional aspect of the situation. It's not always easy to deal with buyers who will not hesitate to bring out the defects of your home and make negative comments to reduce the asking price.

Protection. In the absence of a real estate broker in your approach, you can't benefit of the liability insurance that protects the public in cases of fraud, error, negligence or omnission.

Access to the largest display (SIA / MLS). Consumers who sell by himself can't post their property on the largest real estate website in Canada, the SIA / MLS (or Centris). This site is the first reference real estate marketing tool for all consumers and professionals. It includes all registrations of real estate brokers in Canada and Quebec.

Managing multiple proposals. Without clear and defined rules, the seller can be in a dangerous legal situation when he receives several proposals at the same time. Many problems come from these situations and it's difficult to manage. Good planning is essential.

Broker's commission and financial benefit. Contrary to popular belief, there is no law requiring the broker's commission. The latter is subject to market forces. It's negotiable. Before decide to sell by yourself to save the broker's commission, confirm the actual cost of the services of a broker in your area. You may be surprised to discover that the economy is not as important than you think,  especially considering all the effort and energy to make to sell your home safely.




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